Naples, Italy


I am a three-year student computer engineering at l 'University of Salerno

Thanks to this power I could enrich my skills, especially in mathematics, physical and electronic. By following a few courses I had a chance to begin to chew programming, both procedural and object-oriented, in particular with the study of languages ​​such as C / C ++ e Java.

In the IT field, I got to face tests that led me to the study and construction of multimedia systems and databases, the latter exploiting technologies Oracle e SQL


The 29 June 2018 I graduated from Apple Developer Academy of Naples, a project carried out by Apple in collaboration with the University of Naples "Federico II" and the Region of Campania.

It was an educational experience really important to me, as well as very interesting. I was able to interface daily with totally different cultures from my, learn a lot and meet a lot of special people.

The Academy also gave me the opportunity to meet leading figures in the industry, coming from Cupertino offices. The most important of these characters met was the Vice President of Environment industry, Policy and Social Initiatives di Apple, Lisa Jackson, to which (together with my working group) I had the honor to submit an application (iLessia) developed by me and by my group on the way.


The programming has always been a fascinating world to me. Thanks to Apple Developer Academy I was able to approach the programming area iOS, in particular using language Swift, with all the frameworks attached to it.

Swift is an open-source language very powerful and versatile, capable of interfacing with other frameworks in a totally natural.

With this language Apple wanted to make things much easier for developers, with a more clean and intuitive syntax ... In a nutshell it meant that I could literally fall in love with this language evolving.

In Swift I developed some applications, two of which are on AppStore (you see my projects).



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