Box QUMOX per HDD 2,5″ SATA-USB 3.0

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Manufacturer / Vendor: Sunwood-IT (QUMOX)

Purchase price: €6,19

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This product QUMOX, like almost all items produced by this company, It is really well done.
The box allows you to enter an internal Hard Disk 2.5″ (those of laptops, to speak), whatever its storage capacity. In practice becomes a HDD with SATA connection on a portable hard disk with USB connection 3.0.

The package contains:
1x Box HDD 2,5″ SATA-USB 3.0
1x USB-USB Cable (3.0)
2x fastening screws of the box faceplate
1x Screwdriver
1x Eco-leather

The dimensions of the box are 12.7×7,4×1,1 cm, for a weight (vacuum, without HDD) in 61g.
The material of construction is a high-quality aluminum, It is lightweight yet very durable. Color, black satin, It may be prone to scratches (although after a few days of not I see use), However, the storage case supplied prevents the formation, protecting it very well. The enclosure protection is of course only on the outside of the box, therefore right to prevent scratches, but it is not suitable for the protection from knocks and falls as very thin.

The front of the box consists of a USB port 3.0, in which it is connected the cable provided which serves both for feeding and for the transfer of data, and an LED that indicates the HDD status (HDD lit = light green, HDD off = light off, HDD in transfer or read / write data = red light).

It is not possible to calculate the actual transfer speed as the latter is subject to variations depending on the Hard Disk used in its interior.

It is a really great product, despite being produced in China. I recommend it to those who need to reuse an HDD of a notebook no longer in use, as an economic and quality. In Chinese stores, inferior products are paid at least double.