compatible Tin Case for GoPro Hero5 Black

product evaluation:

Manufacturer / Vendor: LOGANCE

Purchase price: €14,99

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I start right away by saying that it costs 4 times less than the original so this can already be cause for purchase.
The product as a whole does not show up at all bad, its dimensions are 7.5×5,5x4cm for an empty weight of 79g.

It is made entirely of plastic, according to the company is scratch, and the buttons for controlling the room are in a metal not of the highest quality; the hermetic closure seems to be good, the company guarantees water resistance to 45 meters deep.

Inside the GoPro it's perfectly; unlike the original, to put the cam in this case, no need to remove the lens from the same, operation that, if it has done often, could lead to damage of the gaskets impermealizzano the GoPro.

The thing I did not like about this case is the fact that the keys, in the inner side, can damage the buttons of GoPro, in that when pressure is exerted on the house keys, GoPro of the buttons are pressed by the piston so sharp that in time can damage the GoPro.

Also the fact that the lens must not be removed causes some scratches on the edge of the same, due to the movement it does to put on and remove the GoPro from homes.

More than real damage, are signs of wear which might not be a problem for those who use the room. By virtue of what this may be a good buy, which saves a lot’ than the original and as watertight works equally well.