Case for SLR cameras AmazonBasics

Like every product AmazonBasics, Also, the case does not disappoint. Solid materials and perfect seams make it a really excellent product.
It is a case of reduced dimensions, within which the camera with lens can put right already connected and a few small accessory. The peculiarities are the lightness and portability: it soon becomes clear that it is a product designed to be required to shoulder without interfering too much movement during the walks where you want to take some pictures.
It consists of a central pocket which allows access to the larger space inside of which storing the camera, and three other smaller pockets arranged on the front and sides. The front pocket is slightly larger than the side, in which you can put small objects such as SD cards or some backup battery. In the front pocket there are two small compartments which allow to store as many SD cards. In it is convenient store the charger even if the one I tried the bag (Canon eos 1300D) there goes along with the wire, I had to put in a side pocket.
The base of the housing is rigid and allows to support it without causing damage to the camera.

It's clear, obviously, this case is not suitable for those who need to carry around various accessories, as the small size only allow the transport of a few objects. wanting, trying to optimize as much as possible the space, Unable to insert a second goal not too big or a small flash (although with difficulty).

The dimensions of the product are
external: 18 x 18,5 x 23 cm
internal: 16 x 17 x 20 cm


AmazonBasics - Case for cameras

€20,99 (all'acquisto)





Protezione della fotocamera



  • construction materials
  • Buona imbottitura
  • Lightness


  • Capienza