Dome Telesin for GoPro Hero 5 Black, Hero 2018, Hero 6

product evaluation:

Manufacturer / Vendor: Telesin

Purchase price: €31,00

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All photography enthusiasts with GoPro have probably seen at least one photo made half in water and half out. To make a picture like that is essential to the dome, a transparent dome watertight in which put the GoPro to take pictures in water. Telesin is the emerging brand that more than any other has been characterized in the production of this instrument.

I wanted to test it and rimastor really amazed by its potential.

I start by analyzing the value for money: GREAT! A product paid 31 € (Charges vary), It allows you to take great pictures and have some very special summer memories.

Product quality is really excellent, despite being all-plastic (also the dome is made of hard plastic and not of glass as it seems apparently) We not see any deficiency in the bill. The diameter of the dome, as indicated on the box is 6″.

Inside the box I found a lot of accessories that made me realize I made a good buy. Once you can easily handle the floating handle fixed dome when you are in the water and strap supplied wrist will not loose the instrument while using it.

The handle can be fixed in two ways: alone, and then for the shot you must manually press the shutter button on the case in which there is inserted GoPro, or together with a pistol trigger that mo’ trigger allows you to take pictures with even greater ease, just as if he was pulling the trigger of aspray.

I found a really excellent usability and an invoice, the only flaw to highlight is that the buttons of the GoPro, over time, They may be damaged because the inside of the case in which is put the GoPro uses very thin pegs which tend to puncture the buttons of the cam. I solved the problem by simply attaching with electrical tape a piece of folded napkin on more layers. The thing I want to emphasize, But, It is that this is a defect that is present in all watertight houses different from the original GoPro.

The package arrived in about two working days, and in it I found:
1x Dome
1x Handle Float
1x trigger pistol
2x long machine screws
1x court fastening screws
1x wrist strap
1x phone attachment clip with mounting hole 1/4″
1x hooking 1/4″ (clips to secure the phone)
1x wrench to tighten the fixing screws
2x strip to absorb moisture
1x protection cover and transport dome
1x cloth to clean the dome