Freewell Gear: ND filter 1000 per GoPro

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Manufacturer / Vendor: Freewell Gear

Purchase price: €29,99

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Brother directed the ND filters of which I spoke in the previous review, this filter ND 1000, copatibile con GoPro Hero 5 Black, Hero 6 ed Hero 7 Black is something really cool that can not miss in the equipment of those who want spectacular photographs.

The filter workmanship is of the highest quality and the lens does not bring in any color cast photos, thus respecting his being “neutral”. The content 1000 lowers the 10 stop the sensor brightness, thus enabling long exposures even in daylight.

The filter behaves in a truly excellent and when you use it to create the effect on water Silk, They are out of the picture really beautiful.


It arrives in an envelope marked Freewell Gear, inside which there is a metal box which encloses in its interior the filter, blocked by a sponge which prevents the movement and keeps it protected from scratches. The case is not very big, It has a diameter of 6,5cm, to a height of 2.5cm, then, however, very practical in transport.

Like his brothers to minor gradations, Also this filter has an extremely negligible weight, wrong for anything to affect the balance of GoPro, when it is placed on a gimbal, though, in the case of long exposures, The gimbal is unlikely to be used, because of course the photos will be taken through the use of a tripod.

really recommended product, despite the slightly higher price, but still goes to reflect what is the constructive quality and yield that this filter port in the photos.