Freewell Gear: ND Filter for GoPro

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Manufacturer / Vendor: Freewell Gear

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I ND filters are something really essential when you want to give that touch of cinematograficità their videos and when you want to create special effects on your photos.
GoPro has established the largest in photography and have a good filter kit for these action cam is almost mandatory if you intend to create something good.

The filters have arrived in a box on which are written the way to use the different filter shades. 


In the box I found a pen for cleaning the filter lenses, which has the dual function of duster and fingerprint removal (the two ends to perform these two tasks), a cloth, always cleaning, and a plastic box with inside the four filters placed in order of strength: ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32.


The weight of the filters is really ridiculous (about 3g) and it should not be in any way to affect the balance of the room, if you use a gimbal.

The build quality is really good, although it is falling in the range of low-cost filters. Despite the lightness is felt already to touch a certain solidity, which is a bit 'lacking, however, when it touches the lens, which it must nevertheless be treated with care.

As reported on the packaging, the filters are to be used in this way: 
ND4 for cloudy days;
ND8 for partly cloudy days;
ND16 for sunny days (sunny spring);
ND32 for extremely sunny days (summer sun).

From the tests I've done, the filters are really perform very well, claiming their neutral density without adding any very obvious dominant color images, as you can see from the photos below.


As for the effect they have on video shoot, It might say that actually behave like film filters. These filters, lowering the amount of light that enters the chamber, oblige the sensor to remain open for a longer time, and then to capture images with a longer exposure time.

To help you make into account the effect, I attach two video frame: one without and the other filter with filter. In the first image you are seen very static, Despite the shooting they have been made in moving the car, while in the other, done with ND32 filter you see a much more dynamic frame.

In the night photos, however they behaved well and are very useful when taking pictures in dark places but artificially lit .

In my opinion I am among the best in its price class filters / media in circulation, However, the only flaw I found is that, going interlocking positioned on the lens, when you go to remove them, you have to pay a bit 'of attention since the structure of the lens of GoPro, being movable, may be damaged. My advice is to remove the filters by applying small pressure on the corners, without forcing too much.

The filters are compatible with GoPro Hero models 5 Black, Hero 2018, Hero 6 ed Hero 7 Black.