My projects


It is a simple counter for systems iOS which helps the user to keep track of the calculations it needs.

Developed entirely by me, both side code that side design (well yes, I improvised designers xD), It allows its user to make quick calculations and counting sessions (that can be saved), also time.

countIT+ Icon


It is a project created and carried forward to the Apple Developer Academy of Naples, designed by me and my team The Hawkings.

L’app (currently only available for iOS systems) was created to provide help with dyslexia in reading and using the different features is intended to break down the larger ones that are difficult for a person with dyslexia.

The highlight of this app is a section that allows you to empathize with a dyslexic and understand his reading difficulties.


It is a university project developed in Python 3 e OpenCV. It is a video surveillance software with motion detection, that it tracks in a log file, calculating area, displacement and length of movement.