iLessia is a project to Apple Developer Academy Naples and carried out by the group, The Hawkings, composed by me, Claudio S. Di MauroArianna CarboneFabrizio FerraraLuigi IzzoFulvio MaddaloniMichael MaddalonieFelice F. Tufano.

It is an application for iOS systems that allows for easy reading for people with dyslexia. The app allows you to scan, Option from your iPhone camera (or an image already present in the gallery) text (such as the pages of a book) and convert it to digital format, saving it in your library with a choice of fonts, which it is easier to read for dyslexics.

Similarly, you can write notes which can then be saved with proper font.

Both of these features have a speech synthesizer that supports the user with the help of the voice.

What makes iLessia is the feature that allows anyone to experience the same difficulties reading that a dyslexic to read normal text. Once framed text with your smartphone camera, the application will convert it into a specially designed font that provides the viewer many difficulties in reading, very close to those who has a dyslexic when he reads.


The app is available on AppStore and it can be downloaded by clicking who.



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