IP Camera WIFI Keyke by Yi Technology

The Yi Technology known Chinese company, already famous for its Yi Camera, It is coming out with a new product that has a very high potential. It's about a IP Camera wifi indoor and allows monitoring of different environments as well as possible.

The IP camera has arrived in a very minimal package, and in addition to the ip wifi room I found the USB cable, the 5V power supply, a bracket for wall mounting and operating instructions in different languages, including Italian.

The first ignition and connect to your home network is really simple and intuitive: downloading the app Yi Iota (available for both Android and iOS) It is in a simple manner possible to make the paring of ip camera to wifi, following a guide in English voice that is still very clear.

The camera can also be connected to the Internet via Ethernet cable, in the absence of a wireless access point.

This is a wireless camera for indoor recording with a resolution of 1080p, offering the ability to record on a microSD or even a proprietary cloud Yi Technology.

I was really pleased with the performance of this camera: watching the streaming video from the app I could see a very clear and precise, both in light conditions that in conditions of total darkness.

The application allows to control the remote camera, allowing you to view streaming video, take pictures (also panoramic), record movies directly on their smartphones and move the camera to 360°. The engines are very quiet movements, both during the phase in which pan tilt; the only noise a bit’ stronger feels phase tilt, but only when you watch the video, ear does not feel absolutely nothing. The rotation is smooth and precise.

Further attention should be given to the endless possibilities offered by the application. Thanks to it, indeed, you can personalize the room and control it as you see fit. This camera-application combination provides the ability to detect motion and notify the detection via a push notification app, with a short video motion detected. Through the app you can use and configure the two-way audio, that is, as well as hear the audio coming from the camera, you can also talk about the app and play the sound room.

The room can also easily be mounted upside down if there is to optimize space, In fact the app you can set the rotation of the image 180° to be able to see properly, however the image from recordings or by streaming on smartphones.

One of the features I liked most is that the motion tracking, which allows to ip camera to follow the movements of a subject present in the frame and then rotate according to the movements of the same.

A further feature is the ability to use the camera as a baby monitor, being able to recognize in addition to movements, even the cry of a child.

This surveillance camera I liked very much, as always YI Technology does not disappoint the expectations of customers, both prices and the quality of products.

Smart IP Camera Wifi Ke


Video quality


Video quality at night


Motion detection


Motion tracking


application Functions



  • Excellent video quality, Night and day
  • silent engines
  • Smooth moves
  • Motion detection configurable and precise
  • Motion tracking fluid and precise


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