Mouse Bluetooth character: goodbye to cables and adapters.

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Manufacturer / Vendor: VoxonStore

Purchase price: €7,99 (super-offer!)

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With this mouse I've pretty much solved all the problems attached to wires and adapters 2.4GHz, In fact, using Bluetooth technology, Tecknet of this mouse is capable of interfacing with any device equipped with Bluetooth.

I've got to try it on various devices, Android smartphones, have PC, the Macbook and I must say it works great on all.
Personally I use it on a Macbook Pro and I'm finding it really well.

The materials of construction are of the highest quality, despite the price is really low, It costs about 13 € but actually I found on offer at 7.99 € (prezzaccio!). The design is very attractive and has excellent ergonomics.
It requires one AA battery; its structure is composed of the two keys dx and sx, a scrolling wheel, two programmable side buttons and a push-button for the adjustment of the DPI.

This mouse allows IPR regulation, i.e. the movement of the pointer sensitivity (although with the Mac you can do on the settings). Pressing in different sequences of the DPI switch button, you can set the sensitivity to 1000, 1500 e 2000 DPI. Everything is clearly explained in the instruction booklet, who despite being only in English is very easy to understand.
The maximum adjustable DPI is 2000 and not 3000 as specified on Amazon.

On the side below we find the power on / off button, a compartment for the battery, the pairing and the laser button for movement.

The coupling with the devices is simple, pressing the button “connect” is phasing pairing the mouse and using the device settings, you can select it and use it. The Macbook, for example, if you have Bluetooth turned on, recognize it and connect automatically.

For operation there is no need for any type of driver. The mouse works really well, the pointer flowing smoothly, Also if you move your mouse on some surfaces’ more details.
Obviously it's a wireless mouse and, therefore, It does not have the absolute precision that has a wired mouse that costs at least 15 Sometimes more than that.

I want to further specify that you do not need an adapter to connect USB to your computer to get your mouse, just only that the device you want to use it with a Bluetooth system.