Muzili TWR-X9 Plus, Best true wireless earbuds under 50 €?

product evaluation:

Brand / Manufacturer: Musil

Purchase price: €31,59 (zip offer + coupon 15%)

Selling price: €45,99

Coupon 15%: MUZILIX9P

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I purchased these Muzili TWR-X9 Plus after a long search. I needed something functional, yet not too expensive. Attracted by the many positive reviews on Amazon and YouTube, I decided to try them… And there I was in love.

A premise that I want to do is related to what I found on Amazon. In practice in the various research, I found another pair of headphones, another brand, neither Vigorun (You can be found here), that they are perfectly IDENTICAL to the template name, dimensions, quality, shape and price to Muzili TWR-X9 Plus. I later discovered that are manufactured by the same manufacturer, Own both Muzili that Vigorun, so the only thing that changes is the brand on the charging dock. ? It is for this reason that the box in which they are packaged has no brand.

Said this, let us analyze these earphones. The Muzili TWR-X9 Plus
packaging they arrive is really quite simple, but well finished; inside we find the two headsets, the charging dock from 3000 mAh, a USB-microUSB cable, for recharging dock, 4 pairs of grommets, so as to adapt to any type of ear, pouch: a dock for the transport and the instruction manual, also written in Italian, but in translation at times not very understandable.

 The earbuds have a 4g weight each, while the dock with the headphones weigh a total of 96g (not so, Whereas it is equipped with a battery 3000 mAh). The size of the dock are 8x5x3 cm.

Both the headphones and charging dock are very stylish and beautiful to look at. Already at first glance it is clear that they are not the classic Chinese headphones, but they have been careful to look after the details, both in terms of quality and aesthetic.Muzili TWR-X9 Plus

As for audio playback, I found no major flaws; the bass is deep, while average are slightly turn up their noses, but it's really a little thing. The audio is clear, However, it did not look very high even at maximum volume, but it is not at all a problem, as headphones (once you find the right rubber to fit your ear) isolate perfectly from outside noise so there is no need to have a sound too high, that might annoy.

In calling it feels a bit’ some flaw of this product. The caller sees a slightly distant voice (but I assure you it is a very small thing), especially if you use one headset; the problem goes away almost completely by using them both. More than the construction quality, I attribute the problem to the fact that the microphones are away from the mouth and not directed towards it. The CVC technology 8.0 Qualcomm for noise cancellation, implemented by this device, does his duty well enough, looking for what can isolate the best voice calling. This technology is not implemented for the part of audio playback, but only on the microphone for calls.

Once extracted from the dock, the headset will automatically turn on and are ready to connect to the paired device; all this is done within a few seconds. The two headsets can also be operated individually, both in mono reproduction that call and (great thing) They can be coupled individually and simultaneously to two different devices.

The synchronization between the left ear and the right headphone is perfect, It does not present any kind of delay. This thing is not entirely obvious, because it happened to experience true wireless reproducing the music asynchronously.

The headphones fit perfectly to the ear, without protruding too far from the auricle. They are comfortable and light, even after hours of use. I tested during training in the gym and have been magnificent: I never slipped away from the ears, despite the sweat or workouts such as running or jumping rope.

Something very comfortable with capacitive touch pads are present on the headphone side, that allow to control via gesture (which unfortunately does not always respond best) smartphone (or any other device) while on a call or audio playback. The gesture permit when you are called to answer / hang up, put on hold, switch between two phone calls; when you are playing music allow you to increase / decrease the volume (through prolonged pressure on the right headphone to raise and to lower left headphone), start / stop playback (single tap), skip to the next song (Double tap on the right headphone) or go to the previous song (Double tap on the left headphone).

With a triple-tap on one of the headphone (indifferently from which to choose) It activates the voice assistant, that can be Google or Siri Assistant for Android users for Apple users.

The charging dock, with its battery 3000 mAh output and a USB, also it works as emergency powerbank, allowing the charging of external devices such as smartphones, ActionCam or other. The very large capacity of the dock recharges the headset countless times, so many that I can not quantify (The manufacturer claims 100 / 130h of music playback). The dock takes in input current 1A, for which you fully charged in about 3h.

The range of headphones (hence their internal battery, not that of the dock), she is very tall: just think that after an hour and a half of music playback still 3/4 residual battery. Putting them back in the dock off automatically and begin to recharge, so it is really very difficult to download at no earphones.

We are therefore faced with a truly excellent product, considering the price truly accessible to all. However, in my opinion, It does not reach a valuation of 5 full stars, for some flaws that I found: Remote 5/6 meters, no obstacles in the way, the signal begins to falter (honestly I feel a distance a little short for a Bluetooth 5.0); the magnetic contacts of the headphones and the dock often do not fit together perfectly, thus leaving a headset in research (blue light and red flashing), for which you have to better accommodate the cap with the hand to make it enter into charging (for this same problem at times, movements, headphones moving and starts charging, even if it is already fully charged, remaining so for a minute or, before going off again, having the charge already at the maximum).

What I would improve this device is definitely the contact headphones-dock; also add a switch to disengage the dock output to headphones, so as not to keep them continuously in office and to safeguard the battery.