Nano Boy Pocket, the tile rack Jaimie Jacobs: elegance, style, comfort.

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Manufacturer / Vendor: Jaimie Jacobs (

Purchase price: €29,90

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stylish, Elegant, comodo, small. To describe this tile rack of Jaimie Jacobs could only use positive adjectives.

It is a product that I personally find really outstanding; is made by hand with materials that already at the touch, they demonstrate excellent quality.
The leather parts are made with goat skin and return a very nice tactile feedback. The elastic stop for the tiles is guaranteed to last a very long time.

The item is sold in a very elegant skatole did a good quality cardstock. In the inner sides of the paper there are printed information relating to the manufacturing company and also a short description of the product (all in English).



The Nano Boy has a curb weight of about 22g (15g and not as stated by the company), with dimensions of 8x6x1,6 cm; It can contain up to a maximum of 13 map, together to which they may also be inserted banknotes, with a maximum amount equal to € 100 banknote (in excess of this figure will be too prominent).
It is structured in such a way as to have two compartments, a primary and a secondary, which differ from each other due to the fact that the primary (which for instance is that from the side of the coin) It is used as the insertion of the main cards used most frequently, while the secondary, pulling a pull tab, It allows faster access to the cards, automatically extracting them in half.
A wallet leather side has a label with the brand and pull tab for access to secondary cards, the other side has a large enough coin pocket.


It is a very trendy object, beautiful to look at and convenient to use. Worth the price that it costs, and maybe even something more.

Council to take a look at the startup Jaimie Jacobs, I think that creates a really interesting products: