SDHC Card 8GB UltraSpeed ​​Qumox

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Manufacturer / Vendor: Sunwood-IT (QUMOX)

Purchase price: €8,29

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This SDHC card (Secure Digital High Capacity) It is a class 10 UHS-I U1, This means allowing, according to specifications, a minimum of 10MB / s transfer.
The tests carried out on this memory card have highlighted the good features that then we will see in detail.

The package consists of a sachet marked Qumox inside which there is a plastic casing in which storing the card when there is no need to use.

The board at first glance looks weak, as very light, however, it does not report any damage when it is inserted or removed from cameras and adapters for reading data. Like all of the best quality memory cards, also this is provided with a tab “lock”, located on the left and that if moved, It protects the write card and reading, thus also to protect the files in it from accidental erasure.

On this board I've done two tests, the first by means of an application for the test of the memory devices and the second directly into a SLR camera.

The first test did not give best results, But the fault is not so much to give to the board but the poor player that I used to test it, whereby, the results obtained would add a 15-20% in more than read and write speeds.

The second test was carried out using the card in a reflex. The SD responded perfectly, Failing to keep up to 1080P video recording at 25fps and a series of photos taken in bursts, giving no sign of abating, Failing to memorize quickly and correct any files.