Snapnator: the return of the MagSafe

From 2015, Apple has launched a new line of portable, simply called Macbook, which are characterized by a special: the ports are all USB Type-C.
Having adopted this new standard, permanently and then on all its new products from 2015 on, had inevitably abandon the MagSafe charging standard, connector that allowed the connection of the charging cable to the machine via a magnetized system, able to come off safely and without causing damage to the Macbook, in the case where the power cord is accidentally pulled.

Snapnator It is a project born in California and party through the platform Kickstarter, that involves the use of a magnetized connector to be applied to devices with USB ports Type-C, in order to carry out a charging of the same in full safety.
As it is evident, Snapnator is developed in a totally identical to the MagSafe system and is designed primarily for new Macbook. However, nothing forbids using it with another device, type a Chromebook or with an Android smartphone equipped with this connection.

his Kickstarter, It is sold in several versions that differ between them for the amount of Snapnator present in the package and / or for accessories (adapters and hubs) annexes order.

The version I tested is the one 34,00$, call Luxury Kit, which it consists of:
1x Snapnator USB-C Magnetic Connector
1x Snapnator USB-adapter Magnetic C
1x USB-C Hub.
[Note that the connector and the magnetic adapter together make up the Snapnator]

The product generally comprises more than negatives to positives. The first bad thing was the waiting time: 7 months to receive (Yup, SET!!), against the two planned.
Another negative factor is the connection to my Macbook Pro. The magnetic adapter does not fit fully in the doors and even in one of them (it works equally well with the original power cord with any other adapter) does not properly contact, losing charge to every minimum displacement.
The protection you should provide your computer is not fully functional because it does not come off properly.

The good thing is that even though there is this adapter between the power cord and the computer, the charging time remain almost unchanged.

The thing that I liked a bit more was the Hub that I received the kit. It is very functional because in a compact space (5,3 x 3,2 x 1,2 cm) He manages to enclose:

  • USB porta
  • una porta microUSB
  • an SD card reader
  • a microSD card reader.

The HUB positive aspects are highlighted by themselves in the fact that it contains four types of connections. Of course, even here there are negative notes, in particular two.
The first is that, connecting to the computer via a central connector we highlight movements when inserting / switch off of the flash drive or SD cards, thus being quite weak, as it gives the impression of crack in the door.
The second negative note is considered to be almost a deception of the producer: in the image provided on its website shows a USB HUB 3.0, What is not true because the product that was delivered to me is to be equipped with USB 2.0.

Overall I Snapnator a product that is not worth buying, at least for the experience that I did. It lent itself well to be a very valuable accessory, Instead it proved really bad, disappointing by far the expectations.



$34,00 (for the tested version)



Card reader / usb



  • Hooking magnetized MagSafe


  • Very bad quality
  • High price for the product