octopus Tripod, the friend of selfies

Since the selfies have taken over, are many cute gizmos were introduced that help us in the self-portraits. For several months have been put on sale a new type of tripod that allows you to hook the photographic devices to almost any surface, wrapping around the solid objects.

These tripods are called Octopus and have, precisely the peculiarity of having the folding legs (as you can see from the photos). In particular, Tripod I bought and tested is an object that I liked a lot because cheap and very versatile.
It comes in a package inside which there is a box containing the tripod with adjustable relative engagement for smartphones, and another box in which there is a Bluetooth remote shutter that allows you to take photos from a distance.

The tripod is totally plastic (except the screw coupling that is made of metal) and the legs are covered with a sponge. The construction material makes it seem a faint object, however, it performs its work correctly: in fact it is not designed to support large devices, but only small photographic devices such as smartphones or action camera.
It's clear, then, that it is not possible to put on it a SLR camera or a large compact.

The value exceeds the great expectations because despite its structure “out” still he managed to do his duty to the great.

The coupling to the mobile phone is adjustable and adapted to smartphones of all sizes. It is very durable and can maintain in a firmly smartphone, squeezing it so that it is hard to put it is that to remove it. It features two holes that allow to position it horizontally or vertically on the tripod, so as to obtain different positions of the smartphone.

The action cam can be connected through its hooks having the classic screw present attack on all cameras.

The remote shutter allows you to take pictures from the phone remotely. It connects via Bluetooth to both iOS devices and Android devices, with two different shutter buttons depending on the operating system of the device used. From what I've tried can easily cover a distance of about 11/12 meters.


Mini Octopus Tripod

€9,83 (All'acquisto)










  • Flexibility
  • Portability
  • Remote Shutter incluso


  • It does not keep heavy devices