Yi Nightscape: The dashcam that annihilates the enemy

This brand new dash camera is the latest found in the house Yi Technology. This is a car camera that has a video quality and build quality that have truly incredible.

We start from the analysis of the pack: all’ I found the interior Dash, an adhesive backing to position it to your windscreen, a very long power cord and a power supply that goes into your car (It is the classic car charger).

The first thing I noticed in this dash cam was the solidity: the construction materials are really good, They have spared no detail of.

The camera has a wide angle lens, with shooting angle of 140 °, that allows you to take all the car's front area, without any trouble.

Quelloche struck me most was the video quality: This dashcam obtained at a maximum resolution of 1080p 60FPS e 3oFPS in WDR. Indeed, the FullHD resolution we see the whole being of the movie viewing, that arise sharp and stable enough. Even the sound is unobtrusive, although a tad muffled.
The room has a slot for microSD (not included) which allows saving video. The latter is very interesting, in fact, the film-forming are saved in three different formats simultaneously, at different resolutions, if necessary in order to take advantage of what you need at that moment.

Completely customizable in the settings, via the large display on the back, very sharp and bright. The only flaw is the lack of touch screen.

The autocamera has a application for Android devices and iOS through which it can be controlled and set. The app is a bit spartan, but it works very well and is connected to in a simple room. Through the app you can also receive from dashcam also some information on driving.

As soon as it receives nutrition, automatically the room turns on and begins to record (this so that when you put the car in motion and is part, simultaneously starts recording); It not is provided with battery, It can not be used far from its power supply (or from a power bank, if you want to use outside the car).

Among the various features I found one that intrigued me a lot: this Yi dash has a motion sensor in its interior (maybe a little bit’ too sensitive), able to detect any sudden movements and make an emergency registration, which may come in handy in case of collisions or accidents.

Definitely, for me it is a product truly useful and well done; I loved it for the qualities that immediately jump out and give the room that something extra that the others do not dash cam.

Again XiaoYi It is confirmed to be a company that is emerging very well in the camera industry, boasting a sub-fund of ip camera, action cam and dash cam that really the envy of other companies in the sector.

Yi Nightscape Dashcam 1080p WiFi Yi Technology


Video quality


construction materials




App per smartphone





  • Video quality
  • construction materials
  • Accessories
  • Display ampio


  • Hooking only sticker, without suction cup